Lindsey J. Heagy

geophysics, data science, inverse theory, open science, education


I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (EOAS) at the University of British Columbia.

My research interests are in data science and inverse theory applied to questions in resource exploration, groundwater, and environmental applications. My research group primarily focuses on machine learning and inversion methods with geophysical data including electrical and electromagnetic data as well as potential fields (gravity and magnetic data) to characterize the subsurface.

I contribute to open source projects including software for computational geophysics and open access educational resources for the geosciences.

Open Science

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Simulation and Parameter Estimation in Geophysics

  • 2013 - Present
  • SimPEG is an open source python package for numerical simulations and gradient based inverse problems in geophysics. We are working to bring all of the geophysical methods into one place and into the open. Join the development on github!

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    Collaborative, open access educational resources for geophysics.

  • 2014 - Present
  • Web-based resources for the fundamentals of geophysics for practicing geoscientists (GPG) and electromagnetic geophysics (EM). These are collaboratively developed resources and include interactive numerical simulations.


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